Diagnosis & Treatment of Astigmatism with Our West Des Moines Optometrists

At Lock Family Eye Care, our West Des Moines optometrists spend a lot of time educating our patients about a common type of refractive error known as astigmatism. Fortunately, there are plenty of things we can do to help!


Causes & Symptoms of Astigmatism

Astigmatism is really just a fancy word for an eyeball or cornea (or both) that isn't perfectly curved. It's not unusual; most of us are born with astigmatism to some degree. In some of us, this abnormality can become significant enough to cause vision problems since the way light enters the eye (known as refraction) is affected—meaning light doesn't focus on the retinas properly. Because of this, we may notice blurry vision at near or far distances and have trouble with tasks like reading. 

Astigmatism can happen in the presence of other eye conditions including nearsightedness or farsightedness.

How our Optometrist in West Des Moines Can Help You Manage Your Astigmatism

Our optometrists can diagnose astigmatism on a routine eye exam by assessing and measuring the shape of your eye and cornea. Depending on the degree of your astigmatism, one of our eye doctors may recommend:

  • Prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses: vision correction eyewear will correct the way light enters your eye so that it focuses properly on your retinas (the thin film of tissue on the inside of the back of your eyes). This allows you to see better. Options include prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses (with or without protective glare coating), gas permeable contact lenses, daily wear or extended wear contacts, and multi-focal or bi-focal glasses or contacts.
  • Hard-to-fit contact lenses: if your astigmatism is caused by an abnormal shape of the cornea, standard contact lenses may not be comfortable for you. Equally, standard contacts may be uncomfortable if you have another eye condition like dry eye or allergies. In these cases, we may be able to prescribe you with hard-to-fit lenses, a broad classification of contacts which are specially designed to accommodate people with specific needs. Hard-to-fit lenses include Toric lenses, Ortho-K lenses, and scleral lenses.

In some cases, people with astigmatism may elect to undergo laser eye surgery. If this is the case for you or a loved one, our team can provide the necessary pre- and post-operative care to ensure your outcome is as optimal as possible. 

Could You Have Astigmatism? Contact our Optometrist in West Des Moines

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