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Computer Vision Treatment With Our Optometrists In West Des Moines

At Lock Family Eye Care, we're no mind readers, but we bet we know the answer to this question: Do you use a computer, tablet, television, and/or smart phone in your daily life? If that answer is yes, then you may be at risk for computer vision syndrome. If you live near West Des Moines, Waukee, Urbandale, Johnston, or a surrounding area, read on to learn how our West Des Moines and Waukee eye doctor team can help you. 

Woman with computer vision before seeing an optometrist in West Des Moines

Our West Des Moines & Waukee Eye Doctor Team Explains Computer Vision Syndrome

Remember how your grandma always told you not to sit too close to the television? Well, modern day Grandma will be telling her grandkids not to use their smart phones or laptops for too long! Computer vision syndrome describes an array of symptoms and vision problems caused by excessive and prolonged use of a computer. Our West Des Moines and Waukee eye doctor team recognizes the primary signs and symptoms of computer vision in our patients:

• Blurry vision

• Eye strain or eye fatigue

• Headaches

• Dry eyes

• Pain in the neck, upper back, and/or shoulders

Why does this happen? There are several possible reasons: 

• People using computers and other digital devices tend to blink less, which can cause their eyes to dry out

• Poor lighting, glare on the screen, and reading text or images from an inappropriate distance may strain the eyes

• Poor posture--including the recently coined phrase "text neck"--can cause strain and tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders

• Uncorrected or undetected vision problems--like refractive errors including farsightedness or nearsightedness--may be exacerbated by excessive computer use

Usually, these symptoms are temporary and will not affect a person's vision long-term. But in some cases, and especially if computer use habits are not curtailed or modified, chronic vision problems may develop. Additionally, blue light emitted by digital screens has been shown to damage delicate retinal tissues within your eye, which can impair your vision. 

How An Optometrist Can Help Treat & Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

If you suspect that your vision problems or headaches and neck pain may be related to your digital screen time, simply reducing your computer use probably won't be enough to fix the problem. Our West Des Moines optometrists offer practical and effective tips and treatments to relieve your symptoms and prevent them from coming back. This may include:

• Specific strategies and ergonomic modifications to reduce the stress on your eyes caused by computer use (e.g., scheduled rest breaks or adjusting the monitor's brightness and location relative to you)

• Comprehensive eye exam, to check your visual acuity and detect any underlying eye health problems

• Specialized eyewear or attachable screens that reduce glare and blue light exposure from a digital device

Schedule an Appointment With Your Optometrist In West Des Moines!

Don't take a chance on your eyesight. If you've been struggling with eye health symptoms, including eye strain, dry eye, or blurry vision, and if like the rest of us you use a computer in your day-to-day life, you may be struggling with computer vision syndrome. Get the tools and tricks you need from our optometrists in West Des Moines by calling Lock Family Eye Care today at 515-267-1312. We proudly serve the communities of West Des Moines, Waukee, Urbandale, and Johnston. Call us today!

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