Are Contact Lenses Right for Me?

Are Contact Lenses Right for Me?

The decision of whether to switch from glasses to contact lenses is a personal one. If you're wondering whether it's time to try contact lenses in Waukee or stay with glasses, let us help you evaluate your options. 

Reasons to Try Contact Lenses 

While glasses and contacts correct your vision, contact lenses provide superior correction, since they lack frames. Contact lenses are also more secure than glasses, which could fall off your face. For this reasons, athletes in particular may wish to switch from glasses to contacts. 

If you feel self-conscious about the way you look in glasses, contact lenses might be a better choice. Likewise, if you have had to replace glasses several times because you lose or break them, contact lenses can actually save you money over glasses since replacing a pair of contacts is cheaper. 

Contacts aren't affected by moisture in the same way that glasses are. If you've struggled to see clearly with rain or fog on your glasses, you might prefer contacts. 

These days, there are more options of lens types available, and often at better price points. 

In a contact lens exam, our optometrist will measure your eyes and recommend the best contact lenses for your vision and eye needs. We can show you how to care for contacts hygienically and schedule a follow-up to make sure the switch from glasses to contacts is going smoothly. 

Visit Our West Des Moines Eye Doctor!

Our West Des Moines Eye Doctor often cautions against contact lenses for individuals with severe allergies, diabetes, thyroid conditions, or dry eyes. That doesn't mean contact lenses are impossible if you have one of these conditions, merely that they are more difficult to get right. 

Our eye doctor at Lock Family Eye Care will help you determine whether glasses or contacts are best for you.  To schedule an appointment, call us today at 515-267-1312.

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