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Pink Eye Condition

One of the common eye conditions we treat is pink eye syndrome, which is inflammation of the conjunctiva. Pink eye is more common in children. It is not considered dangerous in most cases, but can require a visit to an optometrist. It is typically caused by a virus or bacteria. It can also be caused by shampoos, dirt, or smoke. Certain individuals who are allergic to things like dust or pollen can also develop pink eye. In very rare cases, pink eye can result from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is important to keep in mind that pink eye can be transmitted from person to person. It is considered dangerous in newborn babies and severe cases can lead to vision loss.

Symptoms and Treatment of Pink Eye

Symptoms of pink eye include swollen eyes, redness of the inner eyelid, discharge or crust over the eyes, itchy eyes, or blurred vision. In some severe cases, symptoms like a fever, shaking chills, face pain, or vision loss accompany pink eye.

If the pink eye is caused by a virus, the optometrist will most probably advise letting the virus run its course, while keeping your eyes clean during the recovery process. In any case, it is advisable to isolate yourself so that the infection is not transmitted to other people. For bacterial pink eye, antibiotic eye drops or oral medication might be prescribed. For allergy-related pink eye, an anti-allergic such as an antihistamine might be prescribed. For the diagnosis and treatment of pink eye, it is highly recommended to visit an optometrist.

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