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Children's Eye Exams

Eye Exams From Our Pediatric Optometrist

The process of growing up is an amazing combination of physical development and the acquisition of new and critical skills. This description holds just as true for your children's eyes and vision as it does for every other aspect of their growth process. Anything that stands in the way of normal visual development can cause serious impairments later in life. That's why it's so important to schedule recommended exams for your kids from either pediatric optometrist here at Lock Family Family Eye Care.

Woman helping her daughter through a pediatric eye exam.

Challenges to Childhood Vision

When a newborn infant first eyes, he's not seeing with what you would call visual clarity -- and that clarity will actually take several months to develop. That's because even when the eyes are perfectly functional, the brain still has to learn how to work with them, and how to make them work with each other. Unfortunately, this developmental process can hit some significant snags due to functional errors, eye health challenges, and visual acuity issues. Examples include:

  • Amblyopia - Also called "lazy eye," this problem occurs when the brain emphasizes one eye's input over that of the other, reducing depth perception.
  • Strabismus - This eye alignment problem may cause double vision or encourage amblyopia.
  • Cataracts - Even babies can have their vision obscured by congenital cataracts.
  • Refractive errors - Nearsightedness or farsightedness can limit a child's visual acuity.
  • Ptosis - a Dropping eyelid can interfere with vision in the affected eye.
  • Teaming and tracking problems - If both eyes don't coordinate their motions, tracking moving objects becomes a challenge.

These and other problems may cause delayed or imperfect visual development. They can also interfere with hand-to-eye coordination, physical balance, and academic performance once the child reaches school age.

Pediatric Schedules and Screenings

You'll want to schedule your baby's first eye exam at the age of 6 months so we can administer basic eye health and eye function checks. hen your child reaches age 3, we'll perform a second, more detailed exam. The third exam needs to happen before your child enters school so we can correct any refractive errors with eyeglasses. From that point onward, your child will need an exam every 2 years unless we're treating an existing issue, in which case annual exams are recommended.

Your Optometrist in West Des Moines Is Ready to Help Your Kids

Optimal vision is a process that begins early in life -- so make sure your kids can get the most from this critical stage of development. Call Lock Family Eye Care at (515) 267-1312 to schedule pediatric eye exams with your optometrist in West Des Moines!

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