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If you bring your child to the pediatrician for regular check-ups, you know that they regularly check their eyes for signs of vision problems. But that isn’t enough to make sure your child’s eyes are healthy. They also need to visit a pediatric optometrist for annual exams. At Lock Family Eye Care, our pediatric optometrist has years of experience providing West Des Moines, IA residents with reliable pediatric eye care services.

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Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams 

Pediatric eye exams help identify vision problems in children before the conditions have the chance to worsen in severity. Many children need to start wearing glasses while still in toddlerhood. Addressing vision problems early can vastly improve your child’s success at learning to walk, read, play, and learn. 

While nearsightedness is a common vision issue in children, it is not the only problem that pediatric eye exams target. Our optometrist will also make sure that your child’s eyes are in good health and that they have no other issues like a lazy eye, astigmatism, color blindness, or depth perception issues. Most of these problems can be easily corrected, but early detection is key.

When Does Your Child Need to Start Getting Eye Exams? 

In general, optometrists recommend that your child start getting annual eye exams before they reach school age. If you have a strong family history of eye problems, your child may benefit from being seen as early as six months. If you suspect that your child has a learning disability, a vision problem may be a contributing factor. 

What Will Happen During Your Appointment with Your Pediatric Optometrist 

Some of what happens during your child’s appointment depend on their age. With very young children, doctors have to make allowances to accommodate their verbal limitations. However, vision issues can still be detected. Our pediatric optometrist will give your child a gentle eye exam to see if they can easily follow objects and to measure their pupil response. Other tests look for visual focus and color recognition. Again, this depends on your child’s age and verbal skills. However, all of our tests are easy and non-invasive.

Optometrist in West Des Moines, IA

If you have been searching for an “eye doctor near me,” the optometry professionals at Lock Family Eye Care are ready to assist you. For more information on eye care for children or to schedule an appointment with our pediatric optometrist, call us at (515) 267-1312.

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