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It's incredibly important for parents to schedule regular appointments for their children with an optometrist. At Lock Family Eye Care, we have years of experience providing residents with Est Des Moines, IA with reliable pediatric eye care. Being able to see is vital to growing up and learning in school. Here are the answers to some questions our optometrist frequently receives regarding pediatric eye care.

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How Often Will I Have to Take My Child to the Optometrist?

In the case of pediatric eye care, it's best to go to the optometrist annually. There are a few reasons for this. For one, children are developing rapidly. This means that their eyes are going to be changing quickly as well. So, to make sure that they can see clearly and won't have any issues in school, clubs, or sports, they need to have their eyes frequently examined to make sure they're still wearing the right prescription. Secondly, children grow physically. Oftentimes, this means their glasses stop fitting properly. So, it's important to update the glasses they wear to make sure they're both comfortable and lined up correctly.

What Does an Eye Exam Entail?

Pediatric eye exams will generally involve our optometrist asking the patient to read letters, to get an idea of what level of prescription. Our doctor will also discuss daily vision difficulties and school performance. Based on the results of the eye exam and self-reported issues, our optometrist will decide on what to do next. 

Can Children Wear Contact Lenses?

It's not uncommon for children to not want to wear glasses because of the stigma around wearing glasses. In other cases, glasses make playing sports difficult, so they prefer contact lenses. The truth is contacts can be difficult to put in and take out. Those who wear contacts also need to be responsible, and not touch your eyes unless their hands are clean. Therefore, young children can often not safely wear contacts. However, by around the age of ten children can move to using contacts instead of wearing glasses primarily. Our optometrist will assess your child’s unique condition and ability when recommending eyeglasses or contacts.

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