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Whether you play casually on weekends or you train for professional competition, you know that sports make some very specific demands on your body and brain. In addition strength, speed, flexibility and agility, you may need superb vision skills to follow the action properly and respond with pinpoint accuracy. Here at Lock Family Eye Care, we can play a role in your quest for success. That's because we offer sports vision testing and therapy for all levels of athletes in West Des Moines.

Sports Vision at Lock Family Eye Care

The Special Visual Needs of Athletes

Many individuals may live a very satisfactory life with eyesight that lives up to essential expectations. For instance, people who have 20/20 vision can reassure themselves that they're seeing exactly as clearly as the average person supposed to see. But did you know that it's possible to see even more sharply and clearly than 20/20? Even a small advantage can make all the difference in your chosen sport, even if you wouldn't need it for everyday tasks. you may be able to enhance your game by improving your:

    • Contrast sensitivity - Your ability to see fine gradations between dark and light
    • Color perception - A must for spotting a distant golf ball or archery target
    • Binocular vision - Your ability to see three dimensions, enabling you to determine exactly how far away objects are
    • Visual processing - The ability to interpret images quickly for faster responses on the field or court
    • Eye teaming and tracking - The ability of your eyes to follow a fast-moving ball or opponent

Testing and Therapeutic Strategies at Our Optometry Center

 The best way to determine how your eyesight is affecting your athletic endeavors is by undergoing sports vision testing at our optometry center. We can check your eye dominance (a key factor in binocular vision), eye teaming/tracking, focus skills, color/contrast perception, and visual processing speed. These tests go beyond even the thorough evaluations provided by our comprehensive eye and vision exams.

Once we have a detailed picture of your eye function and visual acuity, we can prescribe specific forms of care to compensate for even the tiniest deficiencies. You might need a small adjustment to your corrective lens prescription, or specially tinted lenses that bring out certain colors or boost perceived contrast levels. Eye and vision exercises can help your entire visual mechanism function more efficiently.

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You demand a lot from your body when you play sports -- and there's no reason you shouldn't get the best performance out of your eyes as well. Call our West Des Moines clinic at (515) 267-1312!

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