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  • Orthokeratology FAQ
    Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, is a procedure to help improve vision. At Lock Family Eye Care in West Des Moines, IA, we provide treatment for myopia and other eye Read more
  • Signs Your Retina May Be Detaching
    Common Signs Your Retina May Be Detaching Retinal detachment is a serious condition that requires emergency treatment. If retinal detachment is not addressed quickly, it can lead to permanent vision loss. Read more
  • Dry Eye Symptoms
    Dry eye is an eye condition that happens when your tears cannot offer sufficient lubrication for your eyes. Tears can be insufficient and unstable because of varied reasons. For instance, Read more
  • Healthy aging and Your Eyes
    Taking Care of Your Eyes as You Age Your eyes are no different from the rest of your body in the way that they are affected by the aging process. In Read more
  • Top Causes of Dry Eye
    Top Causes of Dry Eye Do your eyes sting, burn or feel uncomfortable? The cause is a most likely dry eye disease. At Lock Family Eye Care in West Des Moines, Read more
  • Nearsighted vs Farsighted
    Nearsighted vs Farsighted If you have trouble seeing things at certain distances, then you most likely have a refractive vision error like nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia). Refractive vision errors affect Read more
  • Smoking and Eye Health
    Vision Health and Smoking Smoking can cause all kinds of problems with your overall health, including issues with your vision. At Lock Family Eye Care in West Des Moines, IA, we Read more
  • Dry Eye Tips for the Winter
    Dry Eye Tips for the Winter During the winter in West Des Moines, IA, it is especially important to look out for your eyes. Snow and ice are reflective. Excessive tearing Read more
  • Early Signs of Glaucoma
    Early Signs of Glaucoma  Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that can lead to blindness if left untreated. There are some early signs you can watch for to determine if you Read more
  • 7 Signs you might have cataracts
    Cataracts Overview For those who are yet unfamiliar, a cataract is an issue that causes clouding of the lens of the eye that is normally clear. Although this issue is preventable Read more
  • Early Signs of Cataracts
    What are the Early Signs of Cataracts?  It may surprise you to learn that half of the American population contract cataracts by the time they are 75 years old. But, what Read more
  • Signs of Sight Loss
    Our Doctors of Optometry in West Des Moines Want You to Know About The Signs of Sight Loss Scheduling annual visits with an optometrist should always be on your calendar. When Read more
  • Holiday Eye Care
    Holiday Eye Care From Lock Family Eye Care Now's a good time to get your eye care needs taken care of. If you put off a much-needed visit to the optometrist, Read more
  • Winter Eye Care
    Make Eyecare A Top Priority During the Winter Months Winter is here, and if you are like most people, you are doing everything you can to stay warm and protect yourself Read more
  • Flex Spending
    Why You Should Use Your Flex Spending Dollars to See an Optometrist One common benefit that a lot of people receive through work is a flex spending account, which allows you Read more
  • Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses
    Contact Lens Vs Eyeglasses: Which Is Best For You? Our eye care specialists at Lock Family Eye Care have been correcting vision in West Des Moines, IA, since 2006. We offer Read more

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