Red Eye

What is Red Eye in West Des Moines?

The problem with red eye is that it can indicate a variety of problems, from allergies to glaucoma. Contacting Lock Family Eye Care, your local optometrist in West Des Moines, Iowa, can help you quickly treat your red-eye symptoms by identifying the root cause of your irritating eye issues.

Red Eye Signs and Symptoms

Red eye is caused by irritation, blood and swelling in the white surface of the eye called the sclera. Of the many conditions that can be related to red eye, common culprits include dry eyes, fungal infection, herpes, abrasion or injury to the cornea, inflamed eyelids, or conjunctivitis (pink eye). Red eye can also occur after recent eye surgery.

Preventing Red Eye

Your eyes can be irritated by many activities and bad habits. Chemicals in swimming pools can hurt your eyes, so if you’re susceptible to red eye, consider wearing goggles while you swim. Unhealthy habits like smoking and not sleeping enough can also impact your vision and cause redness. If you suddenly develop red eye symptoms, think about your current medications, especially eye drops, to determine if you are having an allergic reaction to them.

To reduce your risk of red eye, make sure you’re taking care of your contact lenses properly. Keeping your lenses clean prevents infection and irritation. Red eye can also be caused by “computer vision syndrome,” which happens when a person spends too much time staring at a computer screen, thus drying out the eyes.

If you have troubling symptoms, like vomiting, light sensitivity, blurry vision, fever, or a severe headache, seek emergency medical care. If your condition is particularly severe, doesn’t go away in a few days, or if you have thick discharge, make an appointment with an eye doctor to get checked out.

Our West Des Moines Optometrists Can Provide Red Eye Relief

If you are experiencing any lingering symptoms of red eye, it’s important to call a local optometrist, like Lock Family Eye Care, to diagnose your symptoms and figure out your treatment plan. Lock Family Eye Care is the premier choice for an optometrist in West Des Moines, Iowa. During a comprehensive exam, we will discover the cause of your eye irritation and rule out serious conditions and eye diseases.

Red eye treatment can include wearing glasses instead of contacts, resting, applying cool compresses and using medicated eye drops. In more serious cases, antibiotics and surgery may be necessary.

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Since early detection of eye disease is crucial, consider making an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam with Lock Family Eye Care today. For more information, call our West Des Moines office at 515-207-7844.

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