One Day Contact Lenses in West Des Moines, IA

The Case for Using One Day Contact Lenses

Correcting your vision is now easier than ever. You can opt for surgical procedures or go for accessories that improve your vision such as glasses and contact lenses. We at Lock Family Eye Care want to present West Des Moines, IA residents with an option that may not know much about yet.

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The option in question involves wearing one day contact lenses. By learning more about these one day lenses, you’ll be able to determine if they suit you or if you’re better off trying out a different option.

What Are One Day Contact Lenses?

The name already gives it away, but yes, one day lenses are indeed only supposed to be used for a single day. You are supposed to remove and dispose of them before going to sleep.

Note that one day lenses are not necessarily the same as daily wear contact lenses, according to All About Vision. In contrast to the one day contacts, the daily wear lenses can be worn longer. Some are designed to last for a week, a month, or even several months.

In terms of improving eyesight, both one day lenses and their more durable counterparts work at the same level.

Why You Should Wear One Day Contact Lenses

Knowing that contact lenses that are suitable to be worn for more than one day are available begs an important question. Why would you wear one day lenses when there are longer-lasting options available?

It seemingly makes more sense to ask an eye doctor near me for the more durable lenses.

The reason why one day lenses should be considered is because they are generally easier to use.

Longer-lasting contact lenses must be cleaned regularly. Failing to clean them up can lead to the accumulation of different substances. Those substances can then make wearing the contact lenses more uncomfortable.

In some cases, unclean contact lenses can even cause an infection.

You can obviously clean the contact lenses, but they will likely not feel as comfortable as they did previously. One can argue that the one day lenses are simply more convenient and comfortable to use regularly.

How Do the One Day Lenses Help You?

One day lenses are pretty like the more conventional contact lenses in terms of how they improve vision. They will address many of the common vision-related issues people have such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and problems associated with aging eyes.

You can also benefit from wearing one day lenses if you have blurry vision.

Lastly, because these contact lenses are often softer, they are easier for people to wear. If you are not fond of the more conventional contacts, give these one day lenses a try as they may suit you better.

Search for the eye doctor near me if you want one day lenses of your own. We at Lock Family Eye Care are more than happy to help West Des Moines, IA residents looking for their own contact lenses.

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