Dry Eye Management

If you're one of the many people plagued by the condition known as dry eye disease, dry eye syndrome or simply dry eye, you may feel as if your eyes are conspiring to make your life miserable for some unknown reason. That's when it's time to turn those eyes toward Lock Family Eye Care. Either West Des Moines eye doctor at our clinic, Dr. Michael Lock or Dr. Jenessa Lock, can find out why you're suffering from this irritating, potentially damaging eye issue and prescribe treatments to make your eyes healthy and comfortable again.

woman rubbing her eyes due to dry eye before being treated by a West Des Moines Optometrist

What's Causing Your West Des Moines Dry Eyes?

Many factors could be contributing to your West Des Moines dry eyes. Normally the eye remains coated by a tear film consisting three separate layers -- a lipid layer, a mucous layer and a water layer. All three of these layers must co-exist in the proper ratios to keep the eyes moistened, lubricated and protected against exterior threats such as infectious agents. Anything that upsets this balance can leave you with dry eye syndrome. The most common cause of chronic dry eye disease is simple aging, which slows down tear production. Other possible causes include:

  • Tear gland blockage or failure (melbomian gland dysfunction)

  • Sjogren's syndrome or other autoimmune conditions

  • Medications that promote dryness

  • Ceiling fans or other constant wind exposure

  • Dust, allergens or other airborne particles

  • Excessive computer usage (which causes the eyes to do less blinking and trigger less tear production)

An occasional, isolated dry eye episode may be nothing to worry about, but chronic dry eye disease is another matter. You may find yourself constantly troubled by redness, itchiness, a feeling that something is in your eye, blurred vision or even excessively watery eyes as the eyes try to compensate for tear film imbalances. Dry eye disease can also make you more prone to eye infections or even corneal ulceration that affects your eyesight.

How Your West Des Moines and Waukee Optometrist Can Help 

Your West Des Moines and Waukee optometrist will ask you about your health history, computer usage, environment, medication use and other possible underlying dry eye causes that may need to be addressed or adjusted (such as the adoption of regular "blink breaks" during working hours). We can also analyze your tear film to determine whether the ingredients are out of balance or you're just not making enough tears. Prescription eye drops can help you gain soothing relief and keep your eyes in optimal health. We may even prescribe treatment to unblock clogged tear glands.

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If you're experiencing some of the telltale symptoms of dry eye, don't suffer in silence while risking possible complications. Call Lock Family Eye Care today to schedule an eye exam so we can determine what's causing your problem and recommend the right treatment!

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