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Whenever you have spots in your vision, these are referred to as "floaters." They often look as if you're seeing spider webs or grey and black specks, however, eye floaters tend to drift about when you try to look directly at them. They dart away and create optic discomfort, as the only solution is to see an ophthalmologist who specializes in these vision inconveniences.

If you notice an eye floater, contact our ophthalmologist in West Des Moines immediately. At Lock Family Eye Care, healthy eyes begin with a comprehensive eye exam, followed by appropriate treatment for whatever visual impairments you may experience. Eye floaters require prompt attention. 

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The Cause of Floaters

Age-related changes are the primary cause of eye floaters. Symptoms include inflammation in the back of the eye, bleeding in the eye, a torn retina or any harmful eye medications. There's a jelly-like substance inside the eye that contains microscopic fibers with a tendency to clump and cast shadows on the retina of your eye. These shadows are the eye floaters. If left untreated, there's a risk of permanent blindness or severely altered vision, therefore our eye doctor suggests you seek out our care if you suspect a floater.

Symptoms of Eye Floaters Resemble the Following:

  • Small shapes or lines that eventually drift out of your vision 
  • Spots that move when your eyes dart back and forth, thus when you try to look at them, they move out of your visual path
  • Tiny shapes that appear in your vision resembling dots or transparent strings
  • Dark spots that appear when you're gazing at a blue sky or a white background

To avoid any vision loss or a potential retinal tear, we can't stress enough to call us immediately and schedule an appointment. Our professional team wants to alleviate your visual discomfort while treating the condition.

Remedies for Eye Floaters

After our eye doctor performs an exam (including eye dilation) and subsequent diagnosis, we recommend the following:

  • Surgery to remove the jelly-like substance
  • Laser treatment to disrupt the floaters

Not all floaters require in-depth treatment, yet an underlying cause like diabetes or inflammation elsewhere in the body may need attention. Despite the visual nuisance of eye floaters, they tend to go away on their own. However, if floaters are severely impairing your vision, there are treatments we suggest as the next step.

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