Vision Therapy


Do You Experience Vision Issues?

Have you noticed issues with your vision, or do you have an existing condition that affects your eyesight requiring professional eye care? Residents in need of a skilled optometrist in West Des Moines can rely on Lock Family Eye Care to provide them with effective vision therapy to help manage a wide variety of conditions that can create vision issues. We offer a complete array of optometry services and vision therapy for the whole family. 

What Vision Therapy Has to Offer

There are many reasons why an individual may need vision therapy. Often an optometrist will try to improve a patient’s visual comfort or alter their visual processing. This can be done in several ways with the use of training glasses, Eye-hand coordination therapy, eye exercises, or prisms just to name a few. Vision therapy has been used to treat common conditions such as double vision, crossed eyes, and lazy eye. One on one office-based treatment for these conditions and more is available for all ages. Lock Family Eye Care has comprehensive solutions to a wide range of vision needs, so get the vision therapy and services you need for the whole family under one roof.

An Established Full-Service Eye Clinic

Lock Family Eye Care is an established facility that has been serving the West Des Moines area since 2006. We provide modern vision therapy services as well as a range of other vision services from our optometrist. We have a reputation for top-quality customer service and treatment options that make getting the eye care services you're looking for easy. Whether you need an eye exam or vision therapy for your child or yourself, you can get it all in one place from top providers delivering proven results.

Get Professional Services for Vision Therapy

If you are looking for vision therapy services from an optometrist in West Des Moines, you should contact Lock Family Eye Care. Call today to schedule your consultation or to make an appointment for an eye exam. You can also contact us with any questions you may have regarding vision therapy and to find out about insurance options. Don't wait to get the care you need for your eyes. Left untreated, vision problems can get worse and pose a threat to your eyes over time. Get friendly and comprehensive eye care that you can count on for yourself and the whole family.

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