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Many people are unaware that their eyesight has declined over time. In some cases, the damage can only be learned through an extensive eye exam. Lock Family Eye Care of West Des Moines is a great source for detecting many eye and vision problems. We are also a great place to get the best eyeglasses for your needs.

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How Do I Select the Perfect Set of Eyeglasses?

First, you must determine your face shape (heart-shaped, oval, rectangle, square, diamond, etc.) before looking at the various styles (classic, trendy, retro, etc.) of eyewear. If you're having a problem choosing, come and see us at Lock Family Eye Care in West Des Moines. We can help you select frames that match your complexion, eyes, and hair.

How Do I Avoid My Eyeglasses from Reflecting?

It's best to purchase anti-reflective coating (AR) to solve this issue, as this coating helps to keep the reflection off of your lenses and improves vision. This coating is ideal for those individuals who spend the majority of their day outdoors or on an electronic device.

Can the Life of Eyeglasses be Prolonged?

There are several ways to prolong the life of your eyeglasses. First, we recommend that you clean your eyeglasses every day to help keep them in the most excellent condition until your next visit to the eye doctor. Second, when selecting eyeglasses, choose frames that are sturdy enough to handle your lifestyle. For example, if you are an athlete, it is best to choose eyeglasses that can withstand impacts and other activities that involve in the sport you play. Finally, purchase scratch-resistant lenses to help preserve your glasses.

How Often Should You Get New Eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses typically last up to three years if you properly care for them. After those three years, you should get new eyeglasses. You may need to replace your eyeglasses sooner if:

  • You are thinking about changing your eyeglass look
  • There is wear and tear on the eyeglasses
  • Subtle or significant changes in vision

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