Binocular Vision

Because we have two eyes that work together, humans have good depth perception under normal conditions. Binocular vision is when you can keep your focus on something with both of your eyes, and this creates one image. In infants, it's normal to have a lack of this type of vision. In adults, healthy vision includes a good binocular vision. If you are experiencing vision issues and you live in or around West Des Moines, IA, contact our optometrists at Lock Family Eye Care.

Binocular Vision Treatment

Problems with Your Binocular Vision

Having problems with binocular vision can cause depth perception distortion that makes it difficult to visually measure distance. This happens when both of the eyes can't coordinate well with each other. This problem can start small and become worse over time. Often, patients have this vision problem for months or even years before they are diagnosed with it. That makes it especially important to get your annual eye evaluation to check for this serious condition. 


Binocular vision problems can cause a host of symptoms. Among these symptoms are frequent headaches, double vision, and poor balance. You may also notice poor depth perception, blurry vision, and enhanced light sensitivity. It can also cause dizziness and nausea. If you have binocular vision problems, you may have several of these symptoms or just one. Many of these symptoms can be caused by other eye problems and health issues, so it's important to get a full evaluation to test for this specific issue. A visual skills evaluation can tell our eye doctor whether your eyes are aligned properly. 

How Do People Get Binocular Vision Problems?

There is a strong genetic component to these problems, and some patients have it as infants and never grow out of it. Some injuries and illnesses can cause the eyes to not work well together. Having a stroke or getting a concussion can cause this problem as well as many other neurological disorders. It is also possible for too much screen time to cause these vision issues. Some sports injuries and even car accidents can cause this type of visual impairment. 

Get Your Complete Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye evaluation will detect this condition before it gets worse. If you think you have a binocular vision problem in West Des Moines, IA, call Lock Family Eye Care at (515) 267-1312 to schedule an appointment.

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