The Importance of Eye Care and Checkups

Eye Care and Checkups

An eye exam should be a part of your annual health appointments. At Lock Family Eye Care, serving West Des Moines, IA, and the surrounding areas, we provide family eye care that includes pediatrics. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of eye care and checkups.

When to Visit the Eye Doctor

A visit to the eye doctor should be an annual event. Don't wait until you are having vision problems before you make an appointment with an optometrist. Some eye health conditions can go undetected because they do not manifest directly as vision problems. This is why waiting till you have vision issues could be a bad call.

Having an annual eye check up will give the eye doctor the opportunity to diagnose eye health conditions and start early intervention treatments. This could have a huge impact on your long-term eye health and vision.

Children and Eye Care

An annual eye appointment is especially important for children. If your children are experiencing vision problems, they may be hesitant to share this information with you. Some children do not like the idea of wearing glasses, so they may keep their vision problems a secret. An annual checkup will reveal any issues that need correction.

The Importance of Vision Correction 

Getting the vision correction you need is essential to your eye health and vision. It is also an important part of your safety as well. If you are experiencing vision problems, and you do not get the vision correction that you need, you could put yourself at risk when you are doing dangerous tasks.

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